Welcome to urchin!

URCHIN BALI IS NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH from 10am - 4pm. Please drop by and visit us on our Street Urchin Lunchtime menu.

BRUNCH, TAPAS AND LIGHTER LUNCH will be served in a casual setting on the leafy terrace and in the air-conditioned bar, accompanied by daily drink specials and healthy juices freshly pressed to order.

Our Street Urchin Lunchtime Fare has been influenced by the rustic flavours of the Mediterranean, while still offering guests a chance to experience some of the delicate seafood dishes that Urchin is known for in the dining room after dark.

You may book via the BOOK A TABLE (CHOPE) link on this website, or please call or email us on +62 361 736 319 / info@urchinbali.com ... or simply drop in from 11am.

HAPPY HOUR on the Urchin terrace is also a great place for a short break during your day, to wind down or get ready for the evening with half priced cocktails (65k) and a selection of delicious small bites and tapas.